Complicity & Conundrums

There comes a moment in life, after you’ve been hearing about reducing, reusing and recycling, when you begin to realize you are part of the problem if you are not actively working toward being part of the solution. At times, the condition in which the Earth is found now, can be overwhelming. It can be a lot to take in. Even in portions. Attempting to come up with solutions, it can be easy to calculate that, as one person, your cumulative carbon footprint is not only massive but your singular contribution to the cause may be next to nothing.

Your personal complicity naturally leads to a conundrum of sorts.

Do you A. Continue to do nothing and ignore the problem or B. Fail daily and succumb to the irrepressible guilt of never reducing your footprint to zero?

That exact conundrum led me to another question. Is zero even possible? Can I (my family included) be a functioning member of society and realistically reduce my footprint to zero, or zed? Full disclosure, I tend to be naively optimistic. Leaning toward the utopian. Full of confidence in the possiblitites of all that humanity can be and do. That being said, yes. Yes it’s possible. But at what cost? Are there emotional costs to going to zed full speed? IDK. What if I were to mosey my way over to zed…moving at the pace of my pack? And my favorite question…

What does it really mean to have a zero waste lifestyle?

If if not zero, then what?

These questions inspired Maybe Not Zed. A functional minimalists lifestyle for those transitioning from a consumer driven life to one with greater meaning. The focus isn’t solely on reducing one’s footprint but also on leaving your mark.

These are the primary things I intend to accomplish along this journey of mine. My hope is that others will join, but either way, I must go.

1. Gain a better understanding of climate change and humanities role in it

2. Determine a practical personal commitment to reducing carbon footprint

3. Design a maybe not zed lifestyle plan which includes:

A. Reducing purchases

B. Reducing trash/waste produced

C. Growing 30% of grocery bill

D. Incorporating renewable energy (solar + electric)(bio-diesel)

E. Reducing/eradicating clutter including:

i. Digital [email, apps, notes] ii. Paper/textile iii. Psycho-emotional iv. Financial clutter/debt

4. Evaluate life for meaningful things to add and energy consuming things to remove. Create a meaning and inspiration rich environment. Change the way we look at the concept of “home” and the way we interact with belongings and people

5. Determine more significant ways to add value to someone else’s life

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